Seeking to be a living testimony to God's love, grace and mercy

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Freedom 06.30.2019
Responsible freedom in Christ is a collective quest.

A Soul At Rest 06.23.2019
Life is stressful but Jesus' "yoke is easy." How?

A Living Legacy 06.16.2019
What God wanted to leave as a legacy is the same one a good parent wants to leave.

Good Reception 06.09.2019
Are you a good "receptor" for the action of God's Spirit?

The Most High God 06.02.2019
How do people outside the church understand God? Early missionaries show ways to connect.

You Prepare A Table 05.26.2019
Hospitality that counters fear mongering -- it's what God does, it's what God asks.

Who Was I That I Could Hinder God? 05.19.2019
Peter discovered the Spirit was the same for the Gentiles, and the church keeps finding God on the other side of barriers.

Be Still And Know That I Am God 05.12.2019
The Youth of SFPC showed us the difference between resting and going nonstop.

Freed to Serve 05.05.2019
Peter and Paul were freed from guilt to serve joyfully. How could that happen in your life?

Witness 04.28.2019
God came in the flesh so we could learn the message to take into the world. Church experiences are the curriculum.

Rolled Away 04.21.2019
God rolled away stones of injustice, sin, and death so that we are no longer kept from light and life.

The Day of Preparation 04.14.2019
With a whole sabbath day to think, what "were you there" thoughts occurred between Jesus's death and resurrection?

Freeze Frame 04.07.2019
In the big picture, you never get lost from Jesus's view.

Coming to One's Self 03.31.2019
The Rev. Steve Pace on the Prodigal Son

Higher Ways 03.24.2019
Jesus is willing to do the worst kind of work to make you fruitful. Just as the fig tree.

Coop Courage 03.17.2019
God wants a relationship -- to the point of risking death.

Temptation 03.10.2019
Keep your relationship with God central to resist temptation.

God Does Good Work ... in clay, in you 03.06.2019
An Ash Wednesday meditation on God the Potter

The Other Glass Ceiling 03.03.2019
God sees and cares. Are we willing to look back?

Reconciling With Dreamers 02.24.2019
Guest preacher the Rev. Steve Pace

Giver of Life 02.17.2019
The path to resurrection was cleared by Jesus.

How To Get Caught 02.10.2019
How did Peter become a disciple? Open. Act. Worship. Repeat!

Knock Knock 02.03.2019
Jesus knocks hard sometimes to wake us up.

Learned By Heart 01.27.2019
How and why should you let the Bible be written on your heart?

Judy Jones Memorial Service 01.26.2019
A celebration of the life of Judith Gail Shearer Jones.

Renewal 01.20.2019
Changing water into wine? It's about God's joy giving redemptive nature!

Your Call 01.13.2019
Listen to yourself, to God, and your friends; your calling can be found

Wise Up! 01.06.2019
The wise men had a lot to learn; so do we.

Longing and Joy 12.30.2018
Just as we long (pray) with God, we can experience God's joy

What you want and what you need 12.24.2018
Christmas Eve at SFPC

Savior 12.23.2018
Mary's song challenges us to think about salvation for our society.

Christmas Cantata 12.16.2018
Music and Narration bring the Christmas message of God With Us on Joy Sunday

Listening for God's New Word 12.09.2018
Preparing a way for the Lord involves prayer and action.

Out Of Time 12.02.2018
Grief affects our view of God's timeline, but God will deliver.

 Power... For What? 11.25.2018
We can learn from Jesus's uses of power
The benediction... Rev. Taylor sang "Bless This House"

Rev. Steve Pace on Thanksgiving 11.18.2018

One God One Rule 11.04.2018
Jesus not only taught love of God and neighbor he showed it in the ultimate way.

Reoriented and Reformed 10.28.2018
Job sees God is not an idea to debate but a living LORD.

God's Otherness and Our Dignity 10.21.2018
Job show us the poles between which Christianity steers us.

Friends in Need and in Deed 10.14.2018
Three lessons from Job about being friends in a crisis.

Jesus and Job Sermon 10.07.2018
God wants an honest and relationship with us, and it can be eternal.

The Book of Job: a synopsis read by SFPC church members
Pastor Marian Taylor summarized this book of the Bible as a play.

Faith Rudder: Support vs. Solitude Sermon 09.30.2018
A faith community provides fellowship, especially prayer support.

Faith Rudder: Contentment vs. Craving Sermon 09.23.2018
Chaos and conflict emanate from our conflicted cravings until we submit to God.

Faith Rudder: Blessing vs. Blasting Sermon 09.16.2018
Words and the feelings behind them have power to heal or to harm

Faith Rudder: Neighbors vs. Nabobs Sermon 09.09.2018
Playing up the rich runs counter to God's "love neighbor" rule.

 For Work and for Witness" Sermon 09.02.2018
Religious freedom never cancels God's "love your neighbor" rule

"For Young and For Old" Sermon 08.19.2018
Do not forget to develop your own gifts.

"For Women, For Men" Sermon 08.12.2018
We all need God and can reflect God, men and women alike.

"A Place at the Table" Sermon 08.05.2018
We want to be and to feel included. God's hospitality is radical.

"The Turn"  Sermon 07.29.2018
The spiritual dance begins with grace and moves to justice.

"Filling the Heart" Sermon 07.22.2018
God's big plan has to start in individual hearts.

"Courage to Confront" Sermon 07.15.2018
How Christians can find the courage to speak up.

"Rejection and Mission" Sermon 07.08.2018
by Guest Preacher the Rev. Steve Pace

"Why Should I Share?" Sermon 07.01.2018
Lessons from St. Paul for social tensions in the US.

"Reconciliation: The Hard but Blessed Journey" 
Sermon 06.24.2018
Guest preacher Debbie Braaksma, PCUSA Africa coordinator

"False Charges"  Sermon 06.10.2018
Jesus earned a sterling reputation. That helps when ours is tarnished.

"Twenty-Four Six" Sermon 06.03.2018
From what do you need a rest?

"Near To The Heart of God" Sermon 05.27.2018
We remember those we have lost by seeking reconciliation

"The Pattern of the Gospel" Sermon 05.13.2018
The call and the vision for one pastor and her congregation.

 "Bedrock" Sermon 04.22.2018
God's love is the one thing we can build on.

"Oil for the Fellowship Gears"  Sermon 04.08.2018
Reminder of "love one another" helps when our gears grind.

"Tell Someone" (Easter)  Sermon 04.01.2018
Some ways we express the meaning of that empty tomb.

"A King on a Donkey" (Palm Sunday) Sermon 03.25.2018
Jesus had a strong message for those who understood about the donkey. Do you?

 "God's Decision For Us" Sermon 03.18.2018
Partly it's your decision for Christ, but mainly God's decision for you!

"Do This One Thing Well" Sermon 02.25.2018
Why Jesus said "Get behind me, Satan!" to Peter

"A Good Conscience" Sermon 02.18.2018
The Bible's guidance on how to have a good conscience

"Deep and Wide" Sermon 02.04.2018
The Church has to serve in each place, and in every place

"Clarifying Power Sermon 01.21.2018
Jesus had a way of making choices clear.

"Persuasive Power Sermon 01.14.2018
Calling Disciples & "Come and See" Invitations

"Creative Power" Sermon 01.07.2018
The Holy Spirit and the Baptism of Jesus

"Holiest Night" Sermon 12/24/17
Christmas Eve candlelight service

 "Fourth Abigail" Sermon 12/24/17
Christmas Eve morning

 "Third Abigail" Sermon 12/17/17
Third Sunday in Advent

"Second Abigail" Sermon 12/10/17
Second Sunday in Advent

"First Abigail" Sermon 12/3/17
First Sunday in Advent