Seeking to be a living testimony to God's love, grace and mercy


South Frankfort Presbyterian Church welcomes all who are interested in exploring and deepening their faith.



We offer a traditional worship at 10:55 each Sunday morning, followed by a light lunch for all who wish to stay.  

We love having babies and children join us for church. Many of the younger ones stay in the sanctuary until children's time, then go upstairs to the Sunday school and nursery area for supervised play and a snack. We also keep "wiggle bags" in the sanctuary with crayons, stickers, and coloring books for children.

The church office is open Monday-Thursday, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Please explore our website, call us at 502-227-7175, email us at, and join us for worship and fellowship.

South Frankfort Presbyterian Church is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church U.S.A., through the Mid-Kentucky Presbytery.


For Children

  • All classes for children meet upstairs, starting at 10 AM. 
  • The Children's Class (Pre-K through 3rd grade) is using the Spark Rotation Model for Sunday school. In this model children spend more than one week on a Bible story and visit a different workshop each week in order to experience the same story from a different perspective.  
  • The G.A.P. Class (God Answers Prayer), for 4th-6th graders.
  • The Young Teens (7th and 8th graders).
  • The High School class is looking at cultural hot topics through the lens of our Christian faith and Presbyterian heritage. Topics, selected by the young people, have included marriage, divorce, bullying, and dating. 

For Adults

  • The Counterpoints class, taught by Bill Kirkland, meets in the "Fowler" Conference Room. The class studies and discusses books of theological interest, many with contrasting points of view.
  • The Faith in Action class, taught by Steve Pace and Kris Jarboe, meets in the Curlin Room and usually studies a book of the Bible. 

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On Being a Disciple 2,23,2020 text
The Church has a broad curriculum; but God is the tutor.

Savior At Work 2.16.2020 text
In Christ, God saves and re-creates; here's how.

Savior At Work 2.16.2020 audio

I AM - The LORD 2.9.2020 text
There are reasons to call God and Jesus "LORD". Will you?

I AM - The LORD 2.9.2020 audio

Renouncing Sin and Evil 2.2.2020 text
God's victory is secure and we are granted the dignity of a choice. Repent and take God's side.

Renouncing Sin and Evil 2.2.2020 audio

Trusting in God's Gracious Mercy 1.26.2020 text
Faith is trust that God's goodness is faithful and ultimate.

Trusting in God's Gracious Mercy 1.26.2020 audio

What is the Bible? 1.19.2020 text
It tells one story of God's saving love, but what is it?

What Is The Bible? 1.19.2020 audio

Baptism - what's that about? 1.12.2020 text
Baptism's meanings touch all that is sacred in life and death.

Baptism - what's that about? 1.12.2020 audio

Revealed to Fellow Heirs 1.05.2020 text
Anti-Judaism is contrary to Jesus Christ.

Revealed to Fellow Heirs 1.05.2020 audio

Christmas Eve 12.24.2019 text

Lessons and Carols 12.22.2019 audio

Expecting Mercy 12.15.2019 audio

Expecting Mercy 12.15.2019 text
Those who know how oppressively power can be used are joyful at how God uses it.

Expecting Justice 12.08.2019 audio

Expecting Justice 12.08.2019 
God's justice comes with a side of mercy; are you relieved?

Expecting Peace 12.08.2019 audio

Expecting Peace 12.01.2019
Are you expecting God to bring world peace?

No King But Jesus 11.24.2019 audio

No King But Jesus 11.25.2019
God doesn't want mere serfs, but rather noble ambassadors who serve as Jesus did.

Steady On 11.17.2019 audio

Steady On 11.17.2019
Jesus wants our steady gaze on him, our Compass

Repair and Reconcile 11.10.2019
God wants us to repair the damage we cause. There is a way to reconcile even with those who fail to do that.

Alive To God 11.03.2019
Your loved ones are alive to God. You can be too.

Holy Envy 10.27.2019
Instead of looking down at other Christians, try adopting one of their better practices.

Disarming 10.20.2019
We are more blessed when we follow God's disarming example

Abundant Gratitude 10.13.2019
The moderation and rationality proposed by Cleante, a character in Moliere's play Tartuffe, are usually wise, but sometimes God asks for more enthusiasm, such as when we show our gratitude!

A Stake in God's Future 09.29.2019
Know any examples of paying a price for a promised future you might not get to enjoy yourself?

Why Then? 09.22.2019
God wants to know why we're so ailing when we have healing at our disposal.

Tinder-Hearted God
Be part of how God reignites the world's goodness.

Re-Creation 09.08.2019
In God's hands, even broken pieces can become something new.

Treasure In Heaven 08.11.2019
God wants to give; what's keeping you from receiving?

Why Save? 08.04.2019
Jesus addresses greed and social isolation in a parable about building bigger barns

Why Pray? 07.28.2019
Five good reasons for your consideration!

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Whether you missed a Sunday or you just want to reflect further on the message, you can now download and read recent sermons from Pastor Marian Taylor. Enjoy and be inspired!

2019.11.10 Repair and Reconcile
2019.11.03 Alive To God
2019.10.27 Holy Envy
2019.10.20 Disarming
2019.10.13 Abundant Gratitude
2019.10.06 Foreign Exchange
2019.09.29 A Stake in God's Future
2019.09.22 Why then?
2019.09.15 Tinder-Hearted God
2019.09.08 Recreation.pdf
2019.08.18 Understanding.pdf
2019.08.11 Treasure In Heaven.pdf
2019.08.04 Why Save.pdf
2019.07.28 Why Pray.pdf
2019.07.07 Making Room.pdf
2019.06.30 Freedom.pdf
2019.06.23 A Soul At Rest.pdf
2019.06.16 A Living Legacy.pdf
2019.06.09 Good Reception.pdf
2019.06.02 The Most High God.pdf
2019.05.26 You Prepare A Table.pdf
2019.05.19 Who was I that I could hinder God.pdf
2019.05.05 Freed To Serve.pdf
2019.04.28 Witness.pdf
2019.04.21 Rolled Away.pdf
2019.04.14 The Day of Preparation.pdf
2019.04.07 Freeze Frame.pdf
2019.03.31 Coming to Oneself.pdf
2019.03.24 Higher Ways.pdf
2019.03.17 Coop Courage.pdf
2019.03.10 Temptation.pdf
2019.03.03 The Other Glass Ceiling.pdf
2019.02.10 How to Get Caught.pdf
2019.02.03 Knock Knock.pdf
2019.01.27 Learned By Heart.pdf
2019.01.20 Renewal.pdf
2018.12.30 Your Call.docx
2019.01.06 Wise Up.pdf
2018.12.30 Joy and Longing.pdf
2018.12.24 The Gift We Need ... and Want.pdf
2018.12.23 Savior.pdf
2018.12.02 Out of Time.pdf
2018.11.25 Power For What.pdf
2018.11.11 Commitment.pdf
2018.11.04 One God and One Rule.pdf
2018.10.28 Reorientation and Reform.pdf
2018.10.21 God_s Otherness _ Our Dignity.pdf
2018.10.14 Friends in Need and Deed.pdf
2018.10.07 Jesus and Job.pdf

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  • Youth Group for grades 6th through 12th on Sunday evenings 5-7 offers a variety of programs and activities.
  • Music for Children and Youth aged 10 to 18 includes programs from 12:15 to 1 p.m. on Sundays and from 6 to 6:45 p.m. on Wednesdays
  • Montreat: an opportunity for older youth to attend the week-long youth conference in North Carolina
  • Girl Power Class for girls 4th to 8th grade. To help girls boost self-esteem, enhance self-confidence, and promote problem solving. Past programs: making Valentines to share, service project, hike/ nature study.
  • Language & Literacy Classes for pre-K-8th grade, led by licensed speech therapist Rachel Duvall-Shaw. Using various books and subjects, the classes reach out to the community as well as SFPC members. Check the SFPC Facebook page regularly for news of the next session.


  • Vacation Bible School - for children and adults. This year our youth program for pre-K to 6th grade was Gadgets and Gizmos VBS.  The adult program, a study on the Letter of James, was provided by Dr. Susan R. Garrett, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.
  • Lessons During Lent - SFPC sometimes gathers with adults from First Presbyterian Church for noon Lenten study each day, and meets each Wednesday evening during Lent.
  • Confirmation Classes - The recent class of 13 used the 8-session course Professing Our Faith, A Confirmation Curriculum. New material is under review for the next class.
  • Social Justice Program - SFPC just started a series of programs focused on social issues affecting our community. The first was a viewing and discussion of the movie 13th, and the second dealt with Hands Healing Hearts, an arts-centered project for women attending Franklin County’s Drug Court program.