Seeking to be a living testimony to God's love, grace and mercy

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Reoriented and Reformed 10.28.2018
Job sees God is not an idea to debate but a living LORD.

God's Otherness and Our Dignity 10.21.2018
Job show us the poles between which Christianity steers us.

Friends in Need and in Deed 10.14.2018
Three lessons from Job about being friends in a crisis.

Jesus and Job Sermon 10.07.2018
God wants an honest and relationship with us, and it can be eternal.

The Book of Job: a synopsis read by SFPC church members
Pastor Marian Taylor summarized this book of the Bible as a play.

Faith Rudder: Support vs. Solitude Sermon 09.30.2018
A faith community provides fellowship, especially prayer support.

Faith Rudder: Contentment vs. Craving Sermon 09.23.2018
Chaos and conflict emanate from our conflicted cravings until we submit to God.

Faith Rudder: Blessing vs. Blasting Sermon 09.16.2018
Words and the feelings behind them have power to heal or to harm

Faith Rudder: Neighbors vs. Nabobs Sermon 09.09.2018
Playing up the rich runs counter to God's "love neighbor" rule.

 For Work and for Witness" Sermon 09.02.2018
Religious freedom never cancels God's "love your neighbor" rule

"For Young and For Old" Sermon 08.19.2018
Do not forget to develop your own gifts.

"For Women, For Men" Sermon 08.12.2018
We all need God and can reflect God, men and women alike.

"A Place at the Table" Sermon 08.05.2018
We want to be and to feel included. God's hospitality is radical.

"The Turn"  Sermon 07.29.2018
The spiritual dance begins with grace and moves to justice.

"Filling the Heart" Sermon 07.22.2018
God's big plan has to start in individual hearts.

"Courage to Confront" Sermon 07.15.2018
How Christians can find the courage to speak up.

"Rejection and Mission" Sermon 07.08.2018
by Guest Preacher the Rev. Steve Pace

"Why Should I Share?" Sermon 07.01.2018
Lessons from St. Paul for social tensions in the US.

"Reconciliation: The Hard but Blessed Journey" 
Sermon 06.24.2018
Guest preacher Debbie Braaksma, PCUSA Africa coordinator

"False Charges"  Sermon 06.10.2018
Jesus earned a sterling reputation. That helps when ours is tarnished.

"Twenty-Four Six" Sermon 06.03.2018
From what do you need a rest?

"Near To The Heart of God" Sermon 05.27.2018
We remember those we have lost by seeking reconciliation

"The Pattern of the Gospel" Sermon 05.13.2018
The call and the vision for one pastor and her congregation.

 "Bedrock" Sermon 04.22.2018
God's love is the one thing we can build on.

"Oil for the Fellowship Gears"  Sermon 04.08.2018
Reminder of "love one another" helps when our gears grind.

"Tell Someone" (Easter)  Sermon 04.01.2018
Some ways we express the meaning of that empty tomb.

"A King on a Donkey" (Palm Sunday) Sermon 03.25.2018
Jesus had a strong message for those who understood about the donkey. Do you?

 "God's Decision For Us" Sermon 03.18.2018
Partly it's your decision for Christ, but mainly God's decision for you!

"Do This One Thing Well" Sermon 02.25.2018
Why Jesus said "Get behind me, Satan!" to Peter

"A Good Conscience" Sermon 02.18.2018
The Bible's guidance on how to have a good conscience

"Deep and Wide" Sermon 02.04.2018
The Church has to serve in each place, and in every place

"Clarifying Power Sermon 01.21.2018
Jesus had a way of making choices clear.

"Persuasive Power Sermon 01.14.2018
Calling Disciples & "Come and See" Invitations

"Creative Power" Sermon 01.07.2018
The Holy Spirit and the Baptism of Jesus

"Holiest Night" Sermon 12/24/17
Christmas Eve candlelight service

 "Fourth Abigail" Sermon 12/24/17
Christmas Eve morning

 "Third Abigail" Sermon 12/17/17
Third Sunday in Advent

"Second Abigail" Sermon 12/10/17
Second Sunday in Advent

"First Abigail" Sermon 12/3/17
First Sunday in Advent
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2018.02.18 A Good Conscience.pdf
2018.02.11 He Transfigures You and Me.pdf
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2018.01.19 Clarifying Power.pdf
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2018.01.07 Creative Power.pdf

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